Herbal Incense and other aroma therapy products afford their users many unique, life-enhancing benefits. However, like most aroma therapy products, botanical herbal incense is not intended for human consumption. Incense products are designed to be used externally only and not intended for direct inhalation. Because of this claim, botanical herbal incense is not technically classified as a food or a drug, and thus, the Herbal Incense industry can offer it products to the market directly at an affordable price to consumer market place.

Herbal Incense Free Market Solution

Without this claim, herbal incense products might be considered a drug, and hence subject to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Process. The FDA currently has regulatory oversight over a large array of products that affect the health and life of American citizens. But, while the FDA process is supposed to protect the public from the dangers of free market food and drug trading, the approval process alone is way too lengthy and cost prohibitive for the herbal incense market to economically sustain (the FDA process is a main contributor to rising health care costs).

FDA Approval Process

Example FDA Market Impact: "From Deseret News archives"
"Once a drug is produced, the cost of an additional pill is very low. The real cost of a new drug lies in developing it and getting it through the Food & Drug Administration's regulatory hurdles. FDA requirements cost drug companies an average of $800 million per drug, and then, according to a Tufts University study, only three in 10 drugs produce sales sufficient to allow the companies to recoup their development and FDA approval costs. Then there's a class of drugs known as "orphan drugs" that don't make it to the market. These are drugs effective in the treatment of a rare disease, but coupled with FDA approval costs, their expected sales make them a losing economic proposition for the drug companies."

Many Economists, including Economist Daniel Klein contend that "that there is no market-failure rationale for the (FDA) restrictions.”

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