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Auditing In The Future

Few areas are as poised for transformation as the auditing profession. Learn more about the vision for a Dynamic Audit Solution that is being driven by AICPA, and participating firms.


Leveraging AI to provide valuable insight through automated data capture and analysis

As you work through assurance engagements, do you find yourself requesting a significant number of reports from clients to get more details around transactional activity? And once you get what you need, how much time do you have to dig into the data for valuable insight? Does it feel like you are able to quickly get detailed analytics that help refine your focus?

OnPoint AnalyticsAI can dramatically impact the speed and depth of your analysis driving more value for clients in the process. As part of the OnPoint A&A Suite, OnPoint AnalyticsAI provides secure, online, risk-based analysis at the transaction level by processing a client’s entire transaction data set. With OnPoint AnalyticsAI, you can reduce the time spent in transaction analysis by performing multiple tests on the whole transaction set automatically.

How It Works:

How It Works


Key Benefits

Leveraging OnPoint AnalyticsAI during the planning phase of your assurance engagements provides valuable insight through the use of AI-based transaction level testing, with benefits that include:

Tailored, Risk-based Analysis to Help Identify Focus Areas:
If an account requires a closer look, it can be designated as an ‘influencer’ account to help auditors determine audit priority, scope, and risk score.
Increased Confidence in Data Accuracy & Completeness:
Data completeness can be confirmed automatically through data reconciliation, control totals, and data profiles.
Powerful Insights:
Compare transactions across multiple dimensions, and the clickable Risk Summary widget allows users to isolate areas of interest and examine the details.
More Meaningful Audit Analysis:
OnPoint AnalyticsAI generates configuration reports with documented understandable evidence that outline analysis conducted (such as tests run, scores and parameters).


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