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The Path to Audit Transformation - Part 1: Cloud

Emerging technologies are creating new opportunities for auditors to drive audit quality and inform greater insights and value to clients. How can firms successfully advance from where they are today to a truly transformative approach to the audit?

CPA.com has put together a guide to transformation, addressing each key dimension in detail for firms proactively seeking to drive these important changes. Our 3-part webinar series will lay out specific key milestones as well as insights to help accelerate your firm’s journey toward audit transformation on your own terms.

In part 1, Victor Aponte, Founder and CEO at CMS Systems, joined us to discuss the benefits of moving toward a cloud-based auditing ecosystem which leverages modernized security protocols, and provides instantaneous, transparent teamwork and collaboration. Learn how you can successfully adopt a cloud-strategy approach to support transformation, and enable a new, better way to collaborate with clients. Key learnings include:

  • Understanding the key drivers that necessitate a proactive cloud plan for your firm’s A&A service line
  • Identifying the key characteristics of building a cloud ecosystem strategy
  • Discovering important change management strategies to help your team win in the cloud