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Research & Innovation

We’re leading technology research and innovation efforts for accounting practitioners.

CPA.com is dedicated to leading technology research and innovation efforts for practitioners to help drive the transformation of core practice areas. Our investment in research and innovation is displayed through numerous strategic initiatives including investment into technology disruptors, key C-suite events, futurist engagement and learnings, as well as curation of educational resources. CPA.com has established itself as a thought leader, and thru strategic initiatives, the thought starters of the profession.

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Navigating the Future Program

‘Navigating The Future’ is an experiential program that brings awareness, provides resources and catalyzes new business models to future-forward the profession.

It’s a collaborative initiative between CPA.com and innovation expert, Pascal Finette of radical Ventures. This program is designed to help CPA firms identify the potential change coming to the accounting profession and create strategies to capitalize on new opportunities.

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Startup Accelerator

The Association and CPA.com Startup Accelerator helps grow startups throughout the accounting ecosystem so they can help transform the profession. Our aim is to strengthen the ability of individual accountants or finance teams to be the go-to analysts, strategists and consultants that are indispensable to organizations throughout the world.

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Special Reports

2021 Blockchain Symposium: Crypto Moves Mainstream

Blockchain continues to mature and shapeshift, growing its applications and user base in the process. What started as a little-known technology, best known in relation to the crypto asset bitcoin is now a seismic force that, while still evolving, is already transforming entire industries.
In this special report, top insights are shared from...the 4th annual Blockchain in Accountancy Symposium hosted by the AICPA and CPA.com in partnership with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. Understand the accelerated adoption, open regulatory questions, auditing on the blockchain update, use cases including decentralized finance, NFTs, Payments and examples of leading tech solutions in the space. The report also provides a profession update and the latest news out of the AICPA and WSBA working groups.

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2021 Blockchain Symposium Cover

The Great Accelerant: Thriving in the New 2025

The events of the past year and a half ushered in a new reality for the accounting profession. Along with speeding up the adoption of new technology, the pandemic accelerated the evolution of practitioners from transactional to relational. As a result, the profession is now in a place many experts predicted wouldn’t be reached for another half decade. In this special report..., we examine the major implications of the pandemic on business, technology, and professional service firms.

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The Great Accelerant: Thriving in the New 2025 Report

Strategic Events

Executive Roundtable

Since 2009 the AICPA and CPA.com have hosted an annual invitation-only convening of C-suite leaders from accounting technology companies. This event allows industry executives and thought leaders to discuss and share ideas, learn from one another and collaborate with the brightest minds in the accounting profession.


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Blockchain Symposium

Blockchain technology has exploded into the FinTech ecosystem and various industries over the last few years, evolving well beyond the buzz of Bitcoin. Already incorporated into a range of business and financial applications, its impact and use cases continue to grow as the technology matures. The Top 3 Blockchain Use Cases of 2020 evaluates recent developments in Supply Chain management, Crypto, and what’s to come with Health Care.


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LinkedIn Live: Real Stories of Firm Innovation in Assurance

Join us for this exciting summer series, Thursdays at 11am EST, where we talk with innovation leaders at various forward-thinking firms about lighting a spark of innovation within their assurance services. Tune in to hear true stories, lessons learned, and high-level thoughts on how to approach winning through innovation.

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AICPA Watchlist

Today's business world is moving rapidly, transforming accountants' lives but also offering new opportunities. We're looking ahead to help you go beyond. Turn to us for more information on today's topics and check out what we're tracking in future twice-a-year editions of the "Watchlist."

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